Japanese A5 Wagyu is rich, decadent, beyond tender & beautifully marbled. Elevating the steak experience in another league. Regarded as a delicacy to some & now made accessible to you. A5 has a BMS of 8-12.  We also carry A4 Wagyu which has a BMS of 5-7. 

We carry different cuts & varieties of Japanese Wagyu; Hida, Shichiri, Hokkaido, Gunma, Kobe Wine, Miyazaki, Kagoshima & Olive Fed Wagyu. These are different farms all over Japan regarded for different attributes.

Our Japanese F1 Wagyu is from Kirosa Farms. Japanese Wagyu crossbred with Dutch Holstein Cattle making it a fuller steak with that same delicious umami you'd expect from the best Japanese Wagyu. Raised in Iwate by flowing glacier water & clean mountain air.

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"The Perfect Combo"


Japanese A4 Filet (4oz)


Japanese A4 Filet - Arita


Japanese A4 New York - Arita


Japanese A4 Ribeye - Arita


Japanese A5 Block Cut New York - Kagoshima


Japanese A5 Chuck Roll


Japanese A5 Denver


Japanese A5 Fat / Trimmings


Japanese A5 Filet (4oz)


Japanese A5 Filet - Kagoshima BMS 12


Japanese A5 Filet Cubes


Japanese A5 Ground Beef


Japanese A5 New York - Arita


Japanese A5 New York - Nagano BMS 10


Japanese A5 Picanha


Japanese A5 Ribeye (HALF CUT 1" THICK) - Kagoshima


Japanese A5 Ribeye - Hokkaido BMS 9


Japanese A5 Ribeye BMS 9/10- Kagoshima


Japanese A5 Sirloin


Japanese Filet "Date For 2" Special


JPN & AUS Filet "Date For 2" Special


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The Ultimate Japanese A5 Experience


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