Japanese A4 Filet (4oz)
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Japanese A4 Filet (4oz)

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Japanese A4 Filet (4oz) -  BMS 5,6,7

 These filets are cut to 4oz for a perfect little tasting or snack. 

Japanese A4 Arita Filet from Miyazaki Japan.  One of the most recognized names for a reason. Regarded for its unique marbling and excellent flavor there's a reason it's so widely recognized. One of the largest Japanese producers in Japan. Winner at the 2007 & 2012 "Wagyu Olympics".

Japanese “A4” indicates a BMS score of 5-7. This is the same quality as “A5” but just less fat marbling for a less rich experience. For some this much preferred as A5 can be too rich. 


Weight: 4oz