TWW Crossbred Starter Pack
TWW Crossbred Starter Pack
TWW Crossbred Starter Pack
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TWW Crossbred Starter Pack

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TWW Crossbred Starter Pack


1 - Australian New York Crossbred BMS 8/9 Margaret River (~14-15oz)

1 - Australian Ribeye Crossbred BMS 6/7 Margaret River (~14-15oz)

1 - Australian Short Rib Tomahawk BMS 8/9 Margaret River  (~12-14oz)

1 - Australian Denver Crossbred Margaret River BMS 8/9 (~8oz)


Margaret River Wagyu is from the same people who brought Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu that won The Best Full Blood Wagyu Award the last few years.  Here is their purebred line.  The texture is extraordinary! Smooth, soft and tender. 

Margaret River Wagyu Beef has an unmistakably rich and buttery flavour, a result of its highly marbled meat, stress-free lifestyle, and high quality grain diet harvested locally from the Margaret River region. It’s little wonder why Wagyu beef is widely considered “the best beef in the world”. Of particular note, our Wagyu has relatively low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol compared to other beef breeds, and is guaranteed free of Hormone Growth Promotants, for a naturally healthy choice. Cows graze on natural pastures in a completely free range, stress free environment which in turn leads to optimum performance.



Weight: ~3.5lbs